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The Lost Week

I am calling this "the lost week" simply because it was too damned hot to do anything, even indoors.

It got SO hot early in the week (high on Monday was 110) that the swamp cooler was overwhelmed and no matter what you did, it was warm in the house. The thermometer on my little window a/c unit in the bedroom was reading mid-to-high 80s.

Then, the monsoonal moisture moved in, and the humidity shot up outside - once again defeating the swamp cooler. I was cool but damp all over.

Then this evening the weather switched entirely and my joints all said UGH, as well as my sinuses.

Sandy is hopefully coming over tomorrow and he and M can start sorting out the jumble of belongings occupying our living and dining room. I don't anticpate doing very much because just thinking about it makes my back hurt (literally).




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Jul. 14th, 2012 05:57 am (UTC)
Jul. 14th, 2012 09:26 am (UTC)
Another window AC, maybe in the kitchen if it is open to the living room and passage to the bedrooms, or anyplace with a more or less straight shot into the heart of the trailer can make a big difference. I boosted that with a fan to get it into the other bedroom. It kept me cool and dry in NC summers where the temps and humidity were both over 100 for more than a month at a time. I had a used one and it was fine but even new they aren't horribly expensive for a regular sized unit. Unless you have a double wide there a regular unit is probably enough since you already have one (and a swamp cooler?)
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