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Lifesaving Rain

Today - finally - all my prayers and entreaties were answered, and mama Chehooit and Sky God saw fit to collaborate and bring a nice little thunderstorm to us.

I think we've been in a temp inversion over the last two weeks. The significant difference today was a drop of the humidity - e.g., it went heavenward and formed clouds.

One nasty little cell was just northeast of us, churning away right by the mountains, and another formed above us, then joined with the first to give us a good downpour and more than a little lightning. Thunders, I heard you loud and clear and you did not sound happy.

Of course there's so much heat in the concrete and ground here that the temperature is once again rising. Right now it's 99 out there, which is a far cry from the 108 it was before the storm hit.

Maybe we'll be favored and get yet another storm tomorrow, helping to cool things back down. This hot streak is supposed to break by Monday though I see 105 forecasted on my weather bar...

In other news, I could care less about politics. Two things always get good people fighting with one another: Politics, and Religion. I know they're all liars so I go my own way, talk to my gods and goddesses, and do what good works I'm capable of. If I'm able to help the worsening situation on this planet, it will be by maintaining the attitude of finding beauty in all things and passing that on to others.

Interesting thing. Both M and I had pain up around our lower sinuses at the base of our heads - him on both sides, me on the right side. On top of it, I feel like I have a pulled muscle on the right side of my entire neck. I've been applying tiger balm, and heat when it's cool enough to do so, as well as meds. It still hurts but it isn't quite as bad as it's been.

Also, I'm getting swelling no matter how cool I keep myself. This happened in previous years as well, even though I was blessed with central air. The only thing I can figure is it's a reaction of my cartilages and other mutable tissues to the extremes in the weather, causing fluid retention.

My right knee got out of line and I wore my knee brace for several hours earlier today. The knee is repositioned but the swelling in the entire leg is still there.

I've managed to adapt to a higher level of heat than previously without having any obvious MS symptoms (though there's something always going on in my brain tissue...*sigh*). I can stand it well into the 80s...after that, if I can't get cool, I get sick.

You wouldn't think 16% humidity was much, but when you're out in the desert and it's 108 plus that degree of humidity - believe me when I tell you that you feel it.

At any rate...my sleeping schedule is all the heck screwed up. I've resorted to sleeping when my body wants it, and lately that's been after dark, which makes it far more comfortable as my little window A/C and the swamp cooler aren't overwhelmed.

Gotta see the shrink on Monday at 3 so sleeping at night is a good thing...




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Aug. 12th, 2012 01:45 am (UTC)
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