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There is Beauty Here

Hungarian Shaman, Celtic Priestess

15 May 1960
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I am a Shaman of Hungarian descent and Celtic training, living and learning as I go along.

I believe everyone deserves common consideration and respect of their boundaries. I do not believe anyone deserves to be abused, regardless of what they have done or their social status. I don't see race and color: I see human beings.

I am ex-AF enlisted and a disabled vet who is on full disability. I am not slim and trim; my "overweight" stature is primarily due to illness, medications, and an inability to vigorously exercise (heat makes me sicker). Because I know that most "overweight" people do not set out to become that way, I support both fat acceptance and size acceptance.

I believe people shouldn't be judged by height, weight, looks, sexual orientation, or gender; rather, people define themselves to others via what they do and say. If you choose a path of shit disturbing, I will treat you in accordance. If you choose a path of generosity and understanding, I will treat you in accordance.

I don't claim to be totally without prejudice. I find shit disturbing, acting without thought to others, and similar behaviors to be distasteful and I will not allow such influences in my life. If a person insists on inflicting me with such behavior they had better expect a sizable backlash as well as a ban.

Yes, there are those who find me a hardnose. Those that find me that way have likely pushed my boundaries and been soundly bitchslapped. As I said - if you treat me decently, I am an easygoing person. Treat me badly and I can dish out far more in return. Consider that a warning, if you will.

My aim in life is to better things for those around me, and, hopefully, the world in general. I have learned the hard way how to do that in moderation so that I do not hurt myself. There are times I have to say no for my own good. Please don't take it personally.

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